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Until the end of the month, players can get 50 free spins on the new game and get deposits up to $333 doubled. In ancient Chinese mythology, the Fucanglong is a dragon that guards treasure hidden underground. He waits deep in the earth guarding his hordes of jewels, especially his magic pearl. He only surfaces when the gods summon him, creating fiery volcanoes when he does. In this new all ways pay slot from Realtime Gaming, Dragon Mountain scatters initiate free spins with frequent retriggers adding extra games and up to 8x prize multipliers. Pearls trigger a free game feature where a precious Pearl hides a prize of 3x to 88x the triggering bet. If the win from the free games hasn't reached the Pearl number, the Fucanglong Feature is triggered. During the Fucanglong Feature, wilds expand to cover the entire reel and increase chances of a winning combination. Fucanglong is arriving just in time for Chinese New Year in the online casino and in the mobile casino for players using smartphones or tablets. Slotastic, which specializes in real money slot games, is offering two introductory casino bonuses. 50 Free Spins on Fucanglong Coupon Code: FUCANGLONG50

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(Robert Cohen/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP) More KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) Parts of the central U.S. grappled Saturday with a second day of road-glazing ice and braced for more of the treacherous, below-freezing weather expected to close out the holiday weekend. The storm created travel headaches for many people who opted to go out despite pleas by authorities to stay put. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said Interstate 40 was closed in two places in western portions of the state because of wrecks, including the jackknifing of several semitrailers in icy conditions in Caddo County. A 45-year-old Oklahoma City man died early Saturday after his semitrailer struck two others on icy I-40 in Custer County and then was hit by a car. The patrol is investigating the wreck. Saturday's storm followed another a day earlier that dumped freezing rain from Oklahoma to southern Illinois. The National Weather Service said swaths of Kansas and Missouri both broadly still under ice storm warnings Saturday could see a third wave of sleet and freezing drizzle Sunday. Complicating matters were temperatures forecast in many cases to remain near or below freezing.

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